Contec® Test Strips

Contec® Test Strips are designed to detect the presence of chemical residues on surfaces prior to application of antimicrobials and cleaners, as a means of preventing adverse reactions between opposing chemistry. The Test Strips can detect chemical compounds on most hard surfaces or materials commonly found in residential, institutional, and commercial buildings. Contec Test Strips are ideal for use prior to applying EPA-registered disinfectants and sanitizers during mold remediation, flood/water damage clean up, sewage backflow clean up, trauma scene cleaning, or just about any application where caution should be exercised to prevent unwanted chemical reactions that can affect the user , occupants or even the performance of a cleaning/sanitizing agent.

Contec Test Strips utilize specially-engineered chemical reagents that are activated with water and change colors when the impregnated pad on the strip contacts specific chemical residues on surfaces. The test strips help prevent potential surface chemical reactions.


  1. Read vial label instructions before beginning test as the instructions slightly vary by type.
  2. Open vial and carefully remove one test strip making sure not to touch reagent pad to prevent contaminating it.
  3. Wet reagent pad on strip with bottled drinking water or sterile water.
  4. Touch reagent pad on strip to desired testing surface and apply slight pressure with finger tip then remove pad. Compare to chart below within time indicated on vial label to ensure accuracy of pad results.
  5. DO NOT REUSE test strip - Discard in trash. If additional testing is desired, use new, unused test strip.


  • Detect chemical residue on surfaces or materials to help prevent potential chemical reactions
  • Ideal for use in residential, institutional and commercial buildings
  • Various chemical test strips available
    Part #DescriptionPackagingSample
    Contec Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips25 strips/vial; 12 vials/box
    Contec High Level Quaternary Test Strips25 strips/vial; 12 vials/box
    Contec Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips25 strips/vial; 12 vials/box
    Contec Low Level Quaternary Test Strips25 strips/vial; 12 vials/box
    Contec Chlorine Test Strips25 strips/vial; 12 vials/box