Sporicidin® Microbial Test Kit

Sporicidin® Microbial Test Kit is an easy, fast, and accurate tool for detecting potential micro-organisms on many common interior surfaces. It detects the presence of protein-containing contamination, such as bacteria, mold, fungi, blood and body fluids, as well as typical allergen contaminants in as little as one minute. The Sporicidin Microbial Test Kit is useful in residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial applications. These simple tests are ideal for pre-cleaning and post-cleaning verifications for trauma scene, sewage backflow, mold and other biological contamination clean up.  

  • Detects proteins found in blood, body fluids, bacteria and fungi
  • Fast - works in as little as 1 minute
  • Easy-to-read, easy-to-use
  • Ideal for pre-clean and post-clean verification
  • Cost effective when compared to traditional test methods
Part #DescriptionPackagingSample
Sporicidin Microbial Test Kit2 swabs/box; 12 kits/case