PREMIRA® Microfiber Pads

Designed for general cleaning and mopping, applying chemical to floors and walls, as well as dust and debris removal, PREMIRA disposable microfiber removes organic and chemical residue that causes failure to pass final clearance.  On large surfaces such as floors, walls and ceilings, Premira pads can reduce clean up time by as much as 80%.  Ideal for applications such as biohazard remediation, and meth residue removal.  Remediation jobs that require a lot of wiping will go faster with Premira. 


  • Avoid cross-contamination associated with recycled or re-laundered shop towels and mops by using disposables
  • Designed for superior particle pick up and maximum absorbency for cleaning
  • Compatible with common disinfectants and cleaners, including quats, bleach, and peroxide-based formulas
  • Ideal for biohazard remediation, meth residue removal, and other job site clean up
    Part #DescriptionPackagingSample
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    PREMIRA II Microfiber Pad, 5" x 19"20/bundle; 12 bundles/caseRequest Sample 
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    PREMIRA High Sorbancy Microfiber Pad, 5" x 19"6/bundle; 6 bundles/caseRequest Sample 
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    PREMIRA Hygenic Backer Plate, 4" x 16"4/bag; 6 bags/case
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    QuickConnect mop frame, 12"1/case
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    QuickConnect handle, 60", stainless steel1/case
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    QuickConnect handle, 69" extends to 130", fiberglass1/case