EPA Toxicity Categories

EPA Toxicity CategoriesSporicidin Disinfectant
Toxicity StudyCategory I High ToxicityCategory II Moderate ToxicityCategiry III Low ToxicityCategory IV* Very Low ToxicityEPA Toxicity Category
Acute OralUp to and including 50 mg/kg> 50 thru 500 mg/kg> 500 thru 5000 mg/kg> 5000 mg/kgCategory IV Very Low Toxicity
Acute DermalUp to and including 200 mg/kg> 200 thru 2000 mg/kg> 2000 thru 5000 mg/kg> 5000 mg/kgCategory IV Very Low Toxicity
Acute InhalationUp to and including 0.05 mg/liter> 0.05 thru 0.5 mg/liter> 0.5 thru 2mg/liter> 2 mg/literCategory IV Very Low Toxicity 
Eye IrritationCorrosive (irreversible deconstruction of ocular tissue) or corneal involvement or irritation persisting for more than 21 daysCorneal involvement or ittitation clearing in 8-21 daysCorneal involvement or irritation clearing in 7 days or lessMinima; effects clearing in less than 24 hoursCategory III Low Toxicity
Skin IrritationCorrosive (tissue deconstruction into the dermis and/or scarring)Severe irritation at 72 hours (severe erythema or edema)Moderate irritation at 72 hour (moderate erythema)Mild or SLight irritation (no irritation or slight erythema)Category IV Very Low Toxicity


EPA Reg. #8383-3

*The lowest category accepted by the EPA

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