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Contec Citric Acid Disinfectant is Botanical and Effective

Strong enough for tough restoration jobs – gentle enough for people with chemical sensitivities.


Sporicidin Brand Product Availability in Flooded Areas of Louisiana

Learn which Sporicidin disinfectants and cleaners are best for flood water damage and where you can buy our products in Louisiana.

Sporicidin Products

Cleaning and Restoration Products from Contec, Inc. are the professional's choice for mold remediation and flood, sewage and biohazard clean up applications. In 2008, Contec acquired the Sporicidin Brand family of disinfectants and cleaning products, a name that has been trusted in the restoration industry for over 35 years. From Sporicidin Brand Disinfectants, enzymatic cleaners, mold stain removers and antimicrobial soap to mold resistant coatings and accessories, our broad array of cleaning, disinfecting, mold remediation and mold removal products allow the end user to choose the format that best suits their application. No matter the cleaning or restoration challenge, Contec mold remediation supplies get the job done right the first time.

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Effective against swine, avian, human flu