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Contec's Sporicidin Brand PMG-6000 Indicator Kits are no longer available.

When the indicator strips are are not used, the activated solution should be replaced with fresh solution after each use.


Sporicidin® Disinfectants Provide Healthcare Facilities Disinfecting Options Responsive to Recent CDC's Guidance on Ebola Virus Disinfection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released guidance for infection prevention and control for patients with known or suspected Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever.

Sporicidin Products

Sporicidin Brand mold remediation products have been used in hospitals, medical, and dental offices for infection control for over 30 years. In addition, the product line is used extensively for cleaning and restoration applications for mold remediation and sewage, biohazard, and flood clean up. No matter the cleaning challenge, professionals choose Sporicidin brand disinfectant & mold removal products to get the job done right the first time.

The product line consists of disinfecting solution, towelettes and wipes, enzymatic cleaners, antimicrobial soap, and a cold sterilant. This broad array of antimicrobial and mold remediation products allows the end user to choose the format that best meets the needs of their application. The Sporicidin chemistry is EPA registered as well as OSHA compliant.

Effective against swine, avian, human flu